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Curriculum Last Updated: October 2023

Course creation overwhelm is *finally* over.

✨GOOD NEWS✨ in-demand professionals, creators and entrepreneurs …Launch YOUR micro course!
Learn with Gwen!

Learn with Gwen!

A micro course is a short, actionable course you can create fast.

You can create a micro course in a day, a weekend or a month. You set the pace.Access the step-by-step process

Start earning more money for your knowledge.

Learn how to turn your 1:1 service into a scaleable digital product!Enroll now and start building yours today!

Meet Your Fellow Micro Course Students:

Meet your micro course instructor:

Hi, I'm Gwen! I've dedicated 10,000+ hours ghostwriting and co-creating courses with the best of the best.

From publishing houses and billion-dollar tech companies, to influential public figures and local legends - with over 1 million students enrolled.

The most fulfilling part of this work is seeing in-demand experts pivot to become thriving course-based businesses (freeing up their time and increasing their income).

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Benefits of creating your own micro course:

A micro course is the perfect way for prospective clients to build trust and receive value in your work before investing in your signature services.

You set the pace. Quickly bring your micro course to life in a day, a week, or a quarter.

It's the wild west of online course pricing - I'll teach you how to choose the right price for your micro course.

A micro course is intended to efficiently help the student with fluff-free delivery, and an actionable curriculum.

The people have spoken. There are currently over 1.4 billion tags for education on TikTok. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels continue to skyrocket in popularity.

If you're not currently selling a digital product, you're missing out on revenue. The micro-course method is the perfect low-risk, low pressure way to start selling online.

Who should create and sell a micro course?

The In-Demand Professional

The Shopify Founder

The Digital Creator

The Sage

You're eager to free up some time and make money in a scalable way by turning your knowledge into a digital product.

You want to add an evergreen revenue stream or education lead generator.

You’re making it big on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and you’re  looking for credible guidance to create your first digital product.

Retire? No way - you've got too much to teach! You're interested in giving this online learning world a shot. Build your legacy of education, while having fun and making some extra money!

After taking the course, you'll be able to:

Module 1: Decide on pricing for your course

Module 2: Find your ideal students

Module 3: Position your course to be an easy buy

Module 4: Create a quality course and sales page

Module 5: Promote your course to your ideal students

Module 6: Decide on the platform to sell your course

How to price your micro course so it's an easy buy for your ideal students.

Discover the process to find, connect, and sell to your ideal students.

How to position your course so it's an 'i-need-to-buy-it-now' moment.

Learn how to turn the curious into the converted.

Discover case studies of successful course creators and craft your ideal promotion plan.

Leverage top of the line or inexpensive options to help you create and sell your course.

BONUS: Access Student Q&A Calls

You'll receive access to student Q&A calls to learn from fellow students questions that came up in the program.

Included in the course (content last updated February 23rd, 2023):

Complete the micro course in less than 60 minutes.

Micro actions lead to major progress.

You'll also have access to all updates as the course evolves.

Dive into high-quality resources to continue learning at your own pace.

Make progress fast with one-pager worksheets, intended to help you enjoy creating your course.

Testimonials from past course creation clients:

"Gwen was absolutely essential to our success. If you want to build not just a course, but a great course, she should be your very first call. I won't produce a new course without her."

Sarah Stockdale
CEO & Creator of Growclass (and eight micro courses)

"I am convinced that the Universe sent Gwen to me. I was getting really frustrated because I was seeing this gap in the market for effective legal help, but I didn’t know how to start. So I kept putting my program on the backburner...and then I met Gwen. Thank God."

Andrea Henry
Lawyer & Creator of The Secure Startup

"I would 100% recommend working with Gwen as you create and launch your course!

She is direct and so committed to our success! She also has more experience than most people out on the market and that speaks volumes!"

Komal Minhas
CEO & Creator of The Next Right Step

"Gwen has such an extensive amount of knowledge & experience about course creation!

She actually takes her time to answer questions and doesn’t give any fluff answers either. I think any course creator would be beyond grateful to learn from her because she actually cares about the journey and is there every step of the way!"

Nia Lee
Creator of the #SocialeeSavvy Accelerator

"I highly recommend working with Gwen if you're thinking about creating a course - she's the best in the biz and I can't endorse her enough!"

Rachel Kelly
CEO & Creator of Make Lemonade's Business 101 Courses

Frequently asked questions:

At this moment in time, you probably have a hunch about what you'd like to teach.

Throughout the micro course, you'll learn how to validate your topic, find your ideal customers, and position the course so it's an easy buy.

When you enroll, you have instant access to the micro course. It will take less than 60 minutes to complete the course.

After investing in this program, you'll learn methods and tools to create your course on a $0 budget. There are also options and multiple price points.

When you enroll you have instant access to the entire curriculum. You can watch it within an hour and build your own immediately. You will also have access to the BONUS live training when you enroll today!

A look into your future...🤩

Make sales while you sleep AND feel the accomplishment of sharing your micro course with your students!

Create and start selling your microcourse!

You can get started right nowENROLL NOW